We accept requests for IMEI unlock, Activation & Information retrieval (carrier check) and this is purely subject to our customer's interest. We offer "Refundable Services" straight forward but not for situations where customers cannot understand unlocking instructions mentioned on our website, buyer accidentally placed an order or he didn't wanted to unlock or just wanted to check, buyer mistakenly placed different IMEI or someone else's order. All above mentioned scenarios are not and will not entertain for refunds in any case. However, as professionals in this business we will know when an IMEI is not unlocked from our supplier and refund can be made in those cases. However, provision for a report will be made at the time of unlock upon request to verify unlock status. Refunds cannot be made for future re-locking if you are using a stolen or unpaid contract phone, Carriers or company can at any time re-lock your phone upon request from original owner and in such case, you as a buyer is liable to the financial loss. From the moment an order is made, the responsibility for whatsoever outcomes related to the phone in the future will be borne by the customer if for any reason in the future and we are not connected / contracted to your bond with your mentioned IMEI number on our site. We provide simple third-party reports and thousands of customers have tried and satisfied themselves with our professional services.

The following have been agreed to on entering into a contract with us:

1. A provision of a correct 15 digit IMEI number and orders should be made under correct carrier service. There are no refund policies for wrong submitted carriers and we already offer a carrier check service to find actual carrier to avoid such mistakes.

2. Payments must be made using Credit Card / Debit Card / Payment Account that belongs to you or someone whohas agreed to pay.

3. Upon refund confirmation, refund can be provided by offering credits (discount coupon for next order) / another order of that same amount or refund using payment gateway. When you obtain refund via Credit - Debit card, it might be delayed by 15 days to complete necessary steps from either payment gateway or intermediate banks. However, we are bound by agreement to refund within 5 business days.

4. If your iPhone is stolen/lost, we will not and cannot provide password or email account details for the original buyer and such phones will require you to enter credential details even after unlock. In such cases, it is your (buyers) responsibility to ensure due-diligence regarding the product owned.

5. IMEIs that are impossible to unlock from our suppliers due to other reasons except wrong carriers are subject to refund upon confirmation from our supplier. Such cases may take up to 10 days to verify refund from supplier and it is our responsibility to refund you within 3 business days

6. Due to the nature of our service, we need to process orders manually and that means all times mentioned on our website for delivery are expected and average. Orders time frame will be calculated after 24 hours since we need 12 hours to verify and collect information to related IMEIs and after that we submit it to our supplier which may take additional 12 hours to start the process. Work hours for most of the services are Monday to Friday and does not include public holidays US - UK - INDIA - China - Hong Kong holidays and country of the carrier for your order. For example, If you order an unlock for Carrier: AT&T USA - It will not count US Independence Day as work day, due to suppliers unavailability to perform required steps.

7. In the case of a delay, customers will be required to wait 7 business days before asking refund / rejection. We will try our best to complete orders taking them as our highest priorities and contact will be made for whatever proffered solution or what the possibility of unlocking's are. In such cases, we may ask you either to wait for a few days more or demand refund upon dead-line.

8. IMEI numbers are unique and cannot be changed for Apple iPhones, However, there is a chance to damage IMEI if you trick or try to install or modify CPU programing with tool such as Jailbreak and that is not covered in our service agreement and we cannot provide help to the customers in that regard.

9. We will take responsibility for whatever losses are incurred and refund the full amount paid if our suppliers / sources are unavailable for required time frame in business days + 7 additional work days - according orders made.

10. The following reasons invalid and will not be entertained in any case, since these are likely used to claim a fake refund

  • Wrong IMEI
  • Accidentally submitted
  • Not able to unlock
  • Do not want to unlock
  • Have find someone else doing for so cheap
  • Have changed my phone, transfer unlock to new phone
  • I didn't know the correct carrier, Please cancel order
  • I have lost my phone, I do not need unlock
  • Unlock is not delivered to me (Our unlock doesn't require physical delivery)
  • I want refund, No other thing - as simple as that.
  • You didn't reply me with process - Since that is is not possible to disclose inside process, you're not making any point here. Simply, wait for the unlock/confirmation/rejection.